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I started this MISSION on Thanksgiving Day 2010 by making home-made plates of food and serving them to the homeless.  I made exactly five plates wrapped individually and went out searching for homeless people in my community. I refused to return home until my mission was complete spending two hours searching until all of my plates were given out. I received tons of appreciation from them all and just seeing the smiles on their faces gave me a great sense of joy. I actually conversed with one homeless person whom I served by the name of Prince. He saluted me for what I was doing and said “you should start a non-profit organization”. I told him that was my plan and he said if I ever made it come to pass that he would love to work for me and with me. 


Then I became aware that I wanted to do more to help the elderly also. As a young man I understand that the elderly could use assistance in their lives, because some have lack of family support. Growing up with my Grandmother I would clean, run errands, take her to doctor’s appointments and so forth. With these deeds already instilled in me I felt that it would be easy for me to help assist the elderly, because I was already used to assisting my Grandmother whenever she needed me.  


I got my first clients through my Grandmother. I told my Grandmother what I wanted to do and at the right time she just happen to be talking to a friend of hers on the phone who was looking for someone to help assist her to her upcoming physical therapy appointments and take her to the bank from time to time being that she was wheel-chair bound. I gained other clients by creating business cards and handing them out in my community. I would take my clients to physical therapy sessions, doctor's appointments, clean their homes, run errands, go grocery shopping for them and more, basically whatever they needed done I would do it without charge, HOWEVER, THEY WOULD INSIST THAT I ACCEPT A donation IN LEU OF PAY.

What makes me stand apart from everyone else is my ENERGY, creativeness, ability to maintain focus and stay clear of negativity. I believe I made a difference in my community and now with the opportunity given I am looking to expand to other communities. Because of my steadfastness and ability to lead, I have become A ROLE MODEL in my community as well as in others. My purpose in life is to inspire and motivate others towards positive change.  

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