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Joseph L. Leath a.k.a G.I.T.O (“Great Inspiration to Others”) is the Modern Day Renaissance Man. G.I.T.O is an artistic genius, entrepreneur, and philosopher that brings spirituality, inspiration, social consciousness, and healing through his art. G.I.T.O can be best described as not being a part of a trend but rather an initiator of a movement; he has a journey with a purpose to inspire others through his innovative, natural, and eclectic talent; he has the gift to not only recognize but create unique and classic entertainment.

G.I.T.O is the type of artist and person in general that always
keeps you wanting more. He is the result of a melting pot, a mixture that includes his original and creative talent with that of a variety of iconic artists, actors, and producers that have inspired him such as Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Mase, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Ice Cube, John Singleton, and Spike Lee. G.I.T.O pays homage to these icons that continue to motivate him personally and

G.I.T.O was born and raised in the South Bronx, a historically disadvantaged and least privileged
borough of the very well-known and highly desirable New York City. After completing high school, G.I.T.O graduated from the Made in New York Production Assistant Program. G.I.T.O is a visual artist, poet, and author. He has been drawing since age 6, writing and creating music since age 13, and making short films since the age of 25. He has written two books, produced over 60 albums,
and made 5 short films. He has also helped produce over 50 music and/or film projects with other people in his community. G.I.T.O has incorporated two businesses; ALL LEGAL BUSINESS LLC is the company he created for his artistic work and Golden Son Care Services is another business he created to serve the elderly in his community.

G.I.T.O is also the first person in his neighborhood
to have their original film work premiered in a local movie theater. As a child, he had seen many films in this Bronx  Cineplex, now G.I.T.O has made history in this same theater.
G.I.T.O has a large number of local and international supporters and fans. He has a natural gift that simply brings out the best in people. His goal is to not only give the people what they want to hear or see but on a larger scale to restore confidence and ambition back into his community and other similar disadvantaged neighborhoods. G.I.T.O knows firsthand that it is easy to lose faith and
lack ambition when growing up in such communities. G.I.T.O is determined to complete his mission by spreading his messages through film, videos, photography, music, and books. G.I.T.O is a youth mentor, philosopher, and leader that has what it takes to help others turn their dreams into reality; he has been and continues to be a living and breathing example.

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